PRAVO Police looks forward to a strong 2021

In 2020, the world experienced a year like no other in living memory, and no organization escaped the impact of COVID-19. Rather, organizations re-invented “on the fly” how they could manage their business, among them the PRAVO Police Programme.  

Arguably, having survived the worst, looking ahead to 2021, we expect not only to regain our momentum but, in the early days of 2021, project a strong recovery, year-on-year, for the first quarter. These anticipated improvements are attributable to improved management overall but, in particular, changes made to procedures after a review of our “critical path”. 

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, PRAVO Police is on track to deliver eight fully equipped mobile forensic laboratories and an e-Learning platform, integrated with a new electronic Human Resources Management System for the Training Center of Prosecutors of Ukraine, and fully furnished advanced forensic kits.  

These projections should come as good news to our donors - the Delegation of the European Union (EUDEL) and the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership (ECEAP), as well as stakeholders we closely cooperate on strategic definition and implementation of the programme - the European Advisory Mission to Ukraine (EUAM) and the Support Group for Ukraine (SGUA); and our lead beneficiaries, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police of Ukraine (NPU), as well as the Office of the Prosecutor General (OPG), and the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) who also benefit from our support.  

No one at PRAVO Police takes either group for granted; on the contrary, as we turn the calendar page this month, we do so with both renewed confidence that we can meet our objectives in support of Ukraine’s broad-based rule of law initiatives which include our beneficiaries in their efforts to enhance capacities, build resilience, and accelerate rule of law reforms that will result in safer cities, towns, villages, streets, and homes. 

Despite a year made difficult by COVID-19, PRAVO Police nonetheless can report real gains in terms of 36 new patrol vehicles for NPU, two fully furnished and self-contained Modular Data Centres, and explosives interdiction equipment (x-ray machine), to name just a few.  In all, deliveries of equipment in support of the NPU totaled more than € 2.2 million in 2020.  

The importance of this investment, of course, transcends the equipment itself and even the increased levels of capacity and service delivery, and the expertise of those delivering service.  In terms of outcome, ultimately, PRAVO Police is contributing a means to an end, namely, Ukraine’s Rule of Law Institutions and their support of human rights in a more transparent and fair environment.

As important as infrastructure may be, as we all know, the more difficult challenge comes with inculcating new thinking in terms of human rights recognized as gender equality and diversity, empowerment of women, and leadership in law-enforcement ranks. PRAVO Police added to its team expertise to complement and support NPU, OPG, and SBI and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) initiatives in these areas.  

PRAVO Police recognizes that we have an important role and a shared responsibility with our stakeholders and beneficiaries who depend upon us for their own contributions to safer communities and a  Ukraine whose institutions conform to the highest rule of law standards aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. 

We are most grateful for our stakeholders’ cooperation in 2020 and expect nothing less than to meet their expectations for us in 2021. 

Warmest regards,
PRAVO Police Team