Estonian experts share best practices with Ukrainian prosecutors

On May 18-20, a team of Estonian experts led by former Prosecutor General of Estonia Lavly Perling visited Kyiv wtihin the framework of the PRAVO Police programme. The main focus of the visit was consultations with the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on  further development of the  Electronic Case Management System (eCMS), as well as  Juvenile Justice and Criminal Policy issues.

During the visit the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership  (ECEAP) experts  met with Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova, representatives of the Criminal Law Policies and Investments Protection Department, as well as key experts responsible for the implementation and development of the eCMS and Juvenile Justice. Additionally, the Estonian experts met with representatives of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the EU Advisory Mission and the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative to find synergies and coordinate their activities.

The Electronic Case Management System (eCMS) is an electronic system that converts physical documentation into digitised format, so that criminal-case files can be shared electronically between staff and departments. It makes the work flow easier for all parties involved in criminal investigation, but in particular for police, prosecutors, and judges. It is a useful administrative and management tool for handling the electronic version of criminal-case files, which are then accessible online to parties involved in pre-trial investigations, with each being granted a different level of access and editing rights.

The e-case management system improves  coordination and supervision of pre-trial investigations, which is of key importance for police and prosecutors. Documents such as plans for criminal investigation, evidence, interviews, orders from prosecutors, approvals, and reports become available online immediately. The implementation of this system enhances transparency and accountability and saves time and resources of all stakeholders involved in criminal investigations.


The ECEAP is a UNOPS grantee that provides expert advice in the field of prosecution reform as a part of the PRAVO Police programme, funded by the EU and implemented by UNOPS. The programme supports the Office of the Prosecutor General in improving its human resource management system, pre-trial investigations and indictments framework through modern IT solutions and specialized trainings, strengthening anti-corruption measures, setting the standards of prosecutorial ethics and promoting international cooperation.