PRAVO Police Steering Committee reiterates strategic priorities in supporting Ukraine’s law-enforcement reform agenda

The Programme Steering  Committee brought together officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, the EU Advisory Mission and UNOPS to discuss and agree on the key priority areas for the PRAVO Police  for the year ahead.

The national partners emphasized that PRAVO Police was instrumental in supporting Ukrainian law-enforcement on the path of reforms and bringing them closer to the European and international standards.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Bondarenko underlined that PRAVO Police is an important tool that helps drive forward reforms in Ukraine and expressed his hope that fruitful cooperation will continue.

Vitalii Kasap, First Deputy Head of the NPU International Police Cooperation Department, commended enhanced teamwork and coordination between national partners and the European Union and  pointed out that solid and sustainable results were achieved across all support packages and development directions.

Oleksandr Sokolov, State Bureau of Investigations Deputy Director thanked PRAVO Police for an invaluable and important support in bringing rules and standard operating procedures close to the highest international standards and  best practices, noting the that the programme provided vitally important equipment and trained and built capacity of more than 100 investigators involved in the serious crimes.

Oleksii Boniuk, the Head of Criminal Law Policies and Investments Protection Department Prosecutor General's Office (OPG), underlined that  the OPG highly appreciated  the level of collaboration and  support  received within the PRAVO Police programme and emphasized the importance of ensuring sustainability of reforms. In particular, he commended support in conducting the Crime Survey, the development of the electronic Human Resources and electronic Case Management Systems, and the building capacity of the Training Center for Prosecutors of Ukraine.

“The ambitious reform of law enforcement demanded by the Revolution of Dignity must not stop before reaching its goal: providing efficient law and order while fully respecting -- and protecting -- human rights. To ensure this, the EU supports sustainable rule of law reform in Ukraine via the PRAVO-Police flagship programme. PRAVO Police is part of the EU’s substantial assistance package to Ukraine -- over €16 billion since 2014. United in one "Team Europe", we provide this assistance hand in hand with the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine and EU Member States' expertise” - noted Remi DUFLOT, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

Deputy Head of EUAM Fredrik Wesslau highlighted that Pravo Police  has continued despite the challenges of the pandemic providing support for Ukraine together with the European Union Advisory Mission.

“Implementation of the Pravo Police has an important value the citizens of Ukraine, as they  will experience a more service-minded police, and the police will enhance its capacities and professional police services for the citizens”, said Deputy Head of EUAM, Fredrik Wesslau.

Fran O’Grady, PRAVO Police Senior Programme Manager, noted that thanks to the great teamwork, synergy and enhanced coordination between our national partners, the European Union and  UNOPS, PRAVO Police continued to solidly deliver and achieved significant results supporting our beneficiaries in their efforts to enhance capacities, build resilience, and accelerate rule of law reforms that will result in safer cities, towns, villages, streets, and homes.






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