Support to the National Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

PRAVO Police assists the National Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in reforming public order management and criminal investigation systems, modernising pre-trial investigation frameworks aimed at combating cybercrime and serious and organised crimes, introducing community and intelligence-led policing (ILP) models, establishing an effective witness protection system, enhancing  police collaboration with the Interpol and Europol, and enhancing its professional development and upgrading training system.

Reformed police units and departments will be equipped with vehicles, protective gear, radios, video recording devices, forensic equipment, IT solutions and work in renovated offices in line with the European Union law-enforcement standards.

Ukrainian police officers and first responders are on the front line keeping the public safe. Protective measures like physical distancing aren’t always an option for these professionals, leaving them at a higher risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19 as they perform their critical jobs.  PRAVO Police delivered to the National Police high-performance personal protective equipment, including more than 150,000 respirators and  462,000 medical masks.  

Support to the Office of the Prosecutor General

The project supports the Office of the Prosecutor General in improving its human resource management system, pre-trial investigations and indictments framework through modern IT solutions and specialized trainings, strengthening anti-corruption measures, setting the standards of prosecutorial ethics and promoting international cooperation. 

Qualification Disciplinary Commission of Prosecutors (QDCP)

PRAVO Police supports building institutional capacity and enhancing the ICT framework of the Qualifications and Disciplinary Commission of Prosecutors which will enable automation of its main business processes and improve data protection and secure communication. 

Support to the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI)

The project supports the SBI with enhancing its strategic planning framework and its capacity to effectively carry out its investigative operations through professional trainings, introducing modern management practices and building cutting-edge IT infrastructure.